New applications

For individuals planning to move into a property where utilities are managed by Prestige Metering, the following is crucial:


Ensure that the application process is completed at least 2 days (48 hours) before your move-in date.

Our application forms are available online here, alternatively you can download our forms here.
The application must be under the name of the individual stated in the lease or purchase agreement. This person will be the sole responsible party for settling monthly utility payments.
When submitting your application, remember to include all the supporting documents as specified in the application form for FICA purposes.

Important Notes

  • Prestige Metering is not an electrical company. We do not undertake electrical work, nor do we issue Certificates of Compliance (COCs). All electrical work and COC requirements should be managed by a certified electrician. This should be arranged by the property owner or the Body Corporate/Managing Agent.

  • Prestige Metering does not operate as a plumbing company and will not undertake any plumbing tasks. All plumbing-related concerns or work should be coordinated by the owner, Body Corporate, or Managing Agent.