Usages, Invoicing & Tarriffs Applied

Actual vs. Estimated Usages


Customers should allow Prestige Metering Services to access electricity and water meters during office hours. Failure can lead to estimated readings, which may result in higher bills.


Where applicable, we inform customers a day in advance of scheduled readings to ensure accessibility.


We base our invoicing on actual readings, which are deemed conclusive evidence of usage unless otherwise proven.


Our invoices detail the reading duration, generally ranging between 26 to 35 days due to varying factors.

Dispatching of Invoices


Invoices are ONLY sent to email addresses provided during application. Please notify us in writing of any changes to your email address.


If invoices aren’t received due to technical reasons, customers must ensure they check junk folders, adjust firewall settings, and contact Prestige Metering Services. Non-receipt of an invoice doesn’t pardon a customer from the payment obligation. Ensure regular payments and keep us updated on contact details.

Tariff Structures Applied


Tariffs for electricity, water, sanitation and fixed city council utility-related charges are set by the respective local municipal authority.


Electricity rates, in particular, are governed by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). As a reseller, Prestige Metering Services strictly adheres to these regulated tariffs.

Service Fees

Reading Service:

A service charge is levied by Prestige Metering for reading and billing water meters when required and agreed upon by the body corporate.