Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation of Services

1.1 Right to Cancel:
Customers have the right to cancel services provided by Prestige Metering Services (Pty) Ltd  (hereinafter “Prestige Metering Services”) under certain conditions, as outlined in this policy.

2. Eligibility for Cancellation

2.1 Eligibility Criteria:
Customers may be eligible to cancel services provided by Prestige Metering Services under the following circumstances:

  • Termination of utility management services for a specific property or unit.
  • Closure of a customer’s account or upon vacating of premises, in compliance with the company’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Cancellation of prepaid electricity or other service agreements in accordance with specific terms and conditions related to those services and in agreement with a Body Corporate/Landlord, or other managing body.

3. Cancellation Process

3.1 Request for Cancellation:
To request a cancellation of services, customers are required to contact our customer support team. You can reach our customer support team at
3.2 Provide Account Information:
When requesting a cancellation, please provide your account information, including account number, property or unit details, and the reason for the cancellation and if applicable, by submitting a vacating of premises form obtainable from our website.

4. Processing Cancellation

4.1 Review and Confirmation:
Upon receiving a cancellation request, our customer support team will review and confirm the eligibility for cancellation based on the provided information.
4.2 Account Closure:
If the cancellation request is approved, Prestige Metering Services will proceed with the closure of the customer’s account and the termination of services in accordance with the terms and conditions specific to the service being cancelled.

5. Refund and Final Billing

5.1 Refund Eligibility:
Depending on the circumstances and services being cancelled, eligible customers may be entitled to refunds or credits as per our Refund Policy.

6. Service Termination

6.1 Service Termination:
Upon the successful completion of the cancellation process, the respective services will be terminated, and access to the prepaid vending system, utility management services, or any other relevant service will cease.

7. Changes to Cancellation Policy

7.1 Updates and Modifications:
Prestige Metering Services reserves the right to update and make modifications to this Cancellation Policy as necessary. Any changes to the policy will be reflected in our Terms and Conditions.
8. Contact Information

8.1 Customer Support:
For any questions or concerns related to the Cancellation Policy or the cancellation of services, please contact our customer support team:

Prestige Metering Services (Pty) Ltd
50 Hesketh Drive, Moreleta Park, Pretoria